The Rise Of Self Publishing

Traditionally, the only way a person could get their novel printed and sent out to book stores was by getting it accepted by a publishing company. The main issue with this is that there are so many writers out there and this saturation in the market means not everyone can get their work published.

An Alternative Form Of Book Release

It can be disheartening to have completed a book and then discover it will not reach a mass audience. Luckily there is an alternative option: self publishing. In recent years it has become very popular with amateur writers. How it works is the author submits a digital copy of the book to a self publishing site.

Users choose the design of the cover and sometimes even the price. The book is then put up for sale online and each copy is printed individually by order (rather than on a large scale.) The author gets paid royalties but generally the bulk of the money goes to the publishing company. For this reason self publishing is less lucrative than traditional ways of selling books.

A Surge In Popularity

Despite this it has proven to have a large amount of appeal. It saves writers the hassle of having to submit to multiple editors and possibly get rejected. This method also gives writers a greater level of freedom. They are able to decide on the layout and size of the finished book.

Many self publishing sites give users templates to try out so that the design process is much easier. When creating the cover they often provide copyright free images to use. This is important as profiting from the use of trademarked images without permission is illegal. It is likely that in the near future an even greater number of writers will choose the self publishing option.