This informative website looks at the various aspects of book publishing. These include the editors involved, issues of submissions, poetry literature and why people choose to subscribe to book publishers. After reading each of these articles site visitors will have a much greater knowledge on this exciting subject.

Traditional And Self Publishing

Traditional publishing involves submitting a book to a company so that it can be printed and released on a large scale. This site looks at how this is done. However, self-publishing is also explored. This is a newer way for writers to reach their readers. One of the site articles explains why it may be a better option for some authors.

Book Subscriptions And The Role Of Editors

Back in the day, people would walk around bookshops in order to find a title that appealed to them. Whilst this is fun for some, it is also time-consuming. Readers with hectic schedules may not have the time to do it. Luckily, book subscription is a viable option. It involves paying a company to send selected books to them on a regular basis. This site tells visitors why subscription services have had such a boom in popularity recently.

Before a book is released, it needs to get past the editor of the publishing house. There are actually numerous different types of editors, each with a unique role. These are listed and described so that readers can better understand how they differ in their daily tasks. For instance, some represent the author, whereas others take on more of a proofreading role.